Our Philosophy 
We believe healthy movement improves life. 

Every lesson we teach empowers our clients to move, breathe and connect to their bodies in a way that relates to their everyday activities.  Behind every lesson is a teacher with a high degree of self-mastery and adeptness at finding what works. We give our focused attention, configuring the equipment and accessories to ensure proper alignment as well as comfort.  This concentration of knowledge, innovation and compassion fuels remarkable shifts for our clients. 

one routine or method obviously doesn’t fit all

in addressing injury, illness, athletic goals, pregnancy, aging, or any of the other specific needs a Harmony client may have.  That’s why Harmony blends its own process.  As Eve Gentry said, “We don’t teach the exercises, for the exercises have nothing to learn.  We teach the client in front of us.” There is no cookie-cutter path to discovering your personal best.  Our promise, and greatest joy, is to help you find it.  

Our Process
At Harmony, we teach you how to move your body in ways
you can really live with, wherever you are in life.

Our proven process combines safety, comfort, stretch, challenge, and an indescribable Oh! that is yours to claim and renew throughout your life. We think about you even after your session is over and use our collective discoveries to create an integrated and individualized experience that will move and delight you. Every session incorporates this novel approach for you at Harmony. 



The Harmony Experience




You may be inexperienced or tentative about movement, recovering from an injury or surgery, pregnant, or struggling with the impacts of aging. Or maybe you just don’t want to get hurt. Here’s the good news. Taking care of yourself is not being a wuss.  And playing it safe doesn’t mean nothing changes. Many lasting advances are made while keeping it safe, in large part because you’re not pushing unsafe limits.  The Harmony process is built around safety—our supremely qualified teachers, the selection and maintenance of well-researched premium equipment, and the deliberate design of the Studio space—all are focused on your safety. 


You’re not very flexible, probably don’t exercise much
and may have self-limiting beliefs about what your body can do.  You’re wondering how you fit in. You like the upgrades. Don’t we all? Comfort means consistency, familiarity and respect. You’re always greeted at Harmony and there’s a welcome place to drop in and put your baggage aside. Grab a cup of tea, a mat, a ball or any of our other amenities to help you settle in. Comfort produces a yielding in our bodies, which releases tension and begins to encourage flexibility and a greater range of motion. At Harmony, you don’t need to book the Comfort upgrade. You receive it with each lesson.  



You’re restless, striving for something, maybe looking for ways to offset the aging process. Maybe you power walk, go to the gym or play sports, but don’t take the time to stretch. You might not know how to. Stretching requires patience and consistency. It also requires kinesthetic awareness, so that you can interpret the signals your body and mind are giving you as you ask it to go to unfamiliar places. Teaching you to tune into these vital cues is another Harmony strength and an important way to prevent injury.  Harmony teachers are keen at spotting the roots of inflexibility—guarding from pain, tension, over- or under-use of muscles.


You’re ambitious, competitive, and maybe even your own greatest obstacle to overcome.  You want to go to the edge.  Sometimes you go over it. Your challenge may come in moving into an advanced group lesson, attending a master class, or perhaps enrolling in Teacher Training. You may have audacious athletic goals such as marathon running, skiing, golf, tennis or mountain climbing.  Harmony teachers welcome the opportunity to adapt what they know to help you get there. Passion for a challenge can also be difficult to maintain when the novelty is no longer there to sustain you.  That’s when your Harmony teacher will be an indispensable ally—two of you can’t give up! 

The Oh! 

You know who you are. You’ve found ease and are at home in yourself. You’ve experienced a clarity and enjoy the sweet release of letting go after giving it your all in a mind-body reunion. 
So much about the reward of movement is beyond words. You simply need to feel it for yourself.  What corners of your life need Harmony?  If the only sure thing you can change is yourself, be at Harmony.